Our spa specials for an extremely relaxing spa holiday

Well-being at all levels

At the Valserhof we always strive to offer quality in all areas. In doing so, we particularly rely on South Tyrolean products, in our spa area too. As wherever a wellness holiday in South Tyrol is mentioned, wellness from South Tyrol is also involved!

Our spa specials:


Trehs is a South Tyrolean product that extracts various beneficial care properties from the Sarn mountain pine.

The raw material, i.e. the Sarn mountain pine, is grown in the wild and originates from sustainable forestry management. The crop rotation from mountain pine clearing to pasture generation is documented by forestry authorities and PEFC-certified.

Mountain pine oil is antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, an expectorant and stimulates circulation. It strengthens the body's immune system and leads to relief with flu-like infections, asthma, joint pain, neuralgia, migraines, headaches, sore throats, stiff shoulders and neck. In a fragrance lamp it improves the air quality. It is used in a base oil for massage with rheumatism, gout, tense muscles and circulation problems. Mountain pine oil does not irritate the kidneys, in contrast to other conifer oils.

Trehs body peeling

approx. 25 minutes EUR 35.00

Trehs back massage

approx. 25 minutesEUR 37.00

Trehs body massage

approx. 50 minutesEUR 57.00

Trehs body oil wrap on the Soft-Pack floating bed

approx. 25 minutes EUR 40.00

Trehs mountain force – mind and body

Partial body massage
Trehs body oil wrap on the Soft-Pack floating bed
Chill-out phase
approx. 60 minutesEUR 62.00

Trehs body treatment

Trehs body peeling using Sarn mountain pine flour
Shower with Trehs shower gel
Treatment with Trehs body milk
approx. 45 minutesEUR 49.00

Trehs mountain and valley

Trehs body oil wrap using Sarn mountain pine oil
Trehs full body massage with tempered massage oil
Chill-out phase
approx. 1.5 hours EUR 78.00

Trehs sports treatment

Trehs full body massage
Trehs body oil wrap using Sarn mountain pine oil (good for aching muscles and stimulates circulation)
Chill-out phase
approx. 1.5 hoursEUR 78.00

Trehs brand care products for at home
Our beauty staff will be happy to advise you!

  • Massage oil
  • Body oil
  • Essential oil with seal of quality
  • Body milk
  • Shower gel
  • Sports cream
  • Sun lotion
  • Hand cream
  • Anti-ageing face cream
  • Trehs moisturising cream with zinc for children

Grander water

The purity and origin of water is crucial for our well-being. That is why only the purest mountain spring water flows out of our taps at the Valserhof spa hotel in South Tyrol. A real wellness special for our guests! With the Grander® technology, water is revitalised and refined until it is able to restore its original properties that were lost. It tastes incredibly natural and stimulates your self-healing powers in a natural way. 

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